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Sort of a fish, but not quite the Cuttlefish series capture the benefit of increased width and shortened length while still maintaining a lot of curve throughout the outline.

Unlike a traditional “fish” design with a wide mal nose and straight parallel tail outline and flat tail rocker, Cuttlefish feature a relaxed shortboard rocker with wider nose and tail dimensions but still pulled in enough to ride like a performance board in small to tiny surf. With a concave bottom starting at the nose turning to deep double concaves through the fins and relaxing out the tail these boards are super fast even in sluggish conditions and the curvy outline and rocker combination allows for vertical manoeuvres. The deck taper is slight to keep a bit more foam in the rail allowing for on rail turns in small waves without sinking. Tail designs include Swallow, Round, Thumb, Square, Moon, or Bat tail.

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Turbo Cuttle is a variant design with the deep double concave extending out the tail creating a bit of V at the tip, excellent for Quad and 5 fin riders, even faster than the regular model with more tail connection and turning capability at higher speeds, (the shapers choice).

Lengths        5’4” to 6’6” (can be scaled up to Equalizer dimensions)

Widths          18 ¾” to 21”+  Ride ½” to 1” wider than your regular board.

Thickness    2 1/8” to 3”

Bottom         Single to double concave, Turbo concave or single concave.

Fins               3 or 4 or 5, FCS, Future Fin Systems, glass on (tri only please)

Glassing        Superlight – 4oz deck and 4 oz bottom

Light – double 4oz deck single 4oz bottom

Med light – 6 oz and 4 oz deck 4 oz bottom

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Purchase Clomiphene, Cheap Clomiphene tablets

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