A performance shortboard design in grown up sizes for surfers with the desire for progressive surfing but just don’t fit on a “stock” shortboard.

The Equalizer has all the benefits of today’s design technology including;

Performance rocker, medium entry curve with enough lift in the nose to handle steepness and turning up the face while still allowing for easy wave catching. Flatter through the mid section then lifting forward of the fin area for surprising looseness and quick directional changes anywhere you want them.

Foiled profile, nose and tail thicknesses and deck taper are balanced for overall responsiveness and not too bulky to allow for sensitivity while still being enough foam so as not to defeat the purpose of a higher volume surfboard.

Performance bottom contours, a single concave starting slight in the nose, increasing through the middle and deepening, maxing in front of the fins then relaxing to a flatter release area out through the tail. For those who prefer a single to double concave design a “spine” starting behind the wide point and increasing through the maximum concave area in front of the fins separates the concave into two, and then decreases blending into the flatter tail area. Surfers who prefer a smoother rail to rail transfer usually like the single to double concave. Surfers who prefer a “punchier” riding style with powerful on rail manoeuvres may prefer the single concave.

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Performance rail design, medium rail volume through the centre then tapering into the nose and softening. Low boxy tail area with a hard edge for bite and speed.

Recommended Tail designs are Rounded pin, Thumb, Squash tail, or Swallow tail.

Lengths 6’4” to 7’6”

Widths 19 1/2” to 22 ”

Thickness 2 1/2” to 3 1/4”

Bottom Single concave or single to double concave

Fins 3 or 4 – Glassed on, FCS II, or Futures Fin System

Glassing Light – double 4oz deck single 4oz bottom

Med light – 6 oz and 4 oz deck 4 oz bottom

Med strong – 6 oz and 4 oz deck 6 oz bottom

Strong – double 6 oz deck 6 oz bottom

Featured board   6’10” x 21 1/8 x 3

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