A little bit wider and not as foiled as the Killabyte this is an all around fun board to ride. Representing the current trend of increased width and shortened length it’s a great small to medium wave choice. Lower rocker through most of the board that accelerates through the fin area and a slightly widened nose and tail make for a fast – skatey ride with no loss of vertical capability.

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Featuring a medium tapered deck with a bit more rail volume for an easy ride, and a moderate single to double concave throughout to keep the Gromatron in the performance shortboard category. With the advantages of being a bit wider and with a curvier outline this model is great for less than stellar surf and is really good with a 5 fin set up for ultimate versatility, It can be ridden as a tri or a quad with equally exciting performance. Good with any tail design, rounded squash, swallow tail, round tail or straight squash.

Recommended length; 4’8 to 5’4”

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