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A specialty board for double up slabs, super late takeoffs, and inside out barrels, or any heavy waves where too much board just gets in the way. Featuring a pulled in tail to handle in the barrel, rocker designed to release when you’re upside down trying to get into it, and a single to double concave bottom for speed but relaxed to avoid getting stuck on steps or back washy reef wobble. Glassed strong to survive beatings and for when a bit of weight helps get you down the face.


A tri/quad option can pay off because while everyone knows how well quads work in a barrel, a thruster may be the fin setup of choice for the conditions of the day. Meant to be ridden around the same length or only slightly longer than your usual shortboard, and the same width, maybe a bit thicker but not much.

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Buy Clomiphene pct, Order Clomiphene online australia

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