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© Shapes by Kirk Bierke

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Not quite a fish but a step towards a fish from the Russ Twin.

It has a bit more width and volume forward leading to a slight beak nose and a bit flatter deck for extra paddle power.
The bottom runs a single concave forward blending to double concave through fin area with a slight v out the tail to free up turning.
Lower rocker throughout with a bit of lift at the nose to help when things get steep.
Softish rails forward turning down behind centre for bite and speed with a hard edge through the tail for hold.
A great option for smaller days or even average and lacklustre conditions.

Designed as a Twin Fin but can be ordered as a Quad if preferred.

Recommended glassing
Extra Light - single 4oz deck and bottom
Light - double 4oz deck, single 4oz bottom
Medium light - 6oz & 4oz deck, 4oz bottom

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Hand-crafted in Ulladulla


'Fishy' is another board designed by Kirk Bierke. Made to outlast & outperform the competition.

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