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Open Ocean

Open Ocean

© Shapes by Kirk Bierke

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Built to handle the most challenging waves, such as outside breaks with shifty lineups or xxl monsters, where paddle power is critical. Specifically designed to roll into really big, fast-moving open ocean swells, the Open Ocean board features a lower rocker for better paddling glide and getting you down the line quickly.
Typically, the Open Ocean surfboard comes with a flatter deck to maintain thickness out to the rails. However, for lighter riders, it can be ordered with a more foiled "Edge" proportion. Soft no catch rails up front and thinner refined rails in the tail to keep things responsive and loose.
Available as a rounded pin or swallowtail.

Thruster, quad or 5- fin option for versatility 

Lengths: 10’0” to 10’6”

Recommended glassing
XX Strong - Triple 6oz deck, double 6oz bottom

Featured Board          10'7" x 21 3/4 x 4

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Hand-crafted in Ulladulla


'Open Ocean' is another board designed by Kirk Bierke. Made to outlast & outperform the competition.

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