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The Breeze

The Breeze

© Shapes by Kirk Bierke

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Inspired by the good old twinnys from decades ago I’ve given this board a modern twist and come up with a super fun, easy riding small to medium wave shortboard that’s a welcome addition to anyone's quiver.
A bit of extra width, lower rocker and a single to double concave bottom makes for a board that glides onto waves and is soo fast while a subtle V behind the fins increases the rail curve for carving turns. By reducing the nose area and balancing the outline it’s taken things well out of the “fish” realm and into shortboard territory and a flyer behind the fins pulls the tail in for control when needed, excellent for ripping up short sharp beachies as well as smaller reef and point waves.
A little less taper in deck keeps extra volume out to the high point of the rail to fly across dead spots in average or onshore conditions and medium rails with a hard edge through the tail will bite and hold. Meant to be ridden a little shorter than a performance shorty, a semi beak nose helps keep foam in the front so there’s no loss of paddle.

Order as a swallow tail, rounded tail, squash or diamond.
Pictured board has tail channels for hold, can be ordered with or without.
Can be ordered with a centre fin plug for a twin + stabiliser setup if desired.

Recommended glassing options
Extra light - 4oz deck, 4oz bottom
Light - double 4oz deck, single 4oz bottom
Medium light - 6oz & 4oz deck, 4oz bottom
Carbon tail patches available on request

Featured board     5'10" x 19 5/8 x 2 5/16

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Hand-crafted in Ulladulla


'The Breeze' is another board designed by Kirk Bierke. Made to outlast & outperform the competition.

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